Weather Proof

Weather Proof | Bavarian Shutters, Sydney

Beat the summer heat and winter cold by setting up Aluminum roller shutters in your home. Scorching summer days are often followed by nippy winter days in Australia. Both the seasons can be very harsh and make your life horrendous. Since the BAVARIAN aluminum shutters are mounted outside the window, they reduce summer heat penetrating your windows by up to 90%. Likewise, up to 70% winter heat losses are eliminated with the Sydney's Bavarian shutters in place.

What is the catch with these thermal insulation properties? With window roller shutters, there is less consumption of air conditioners and heaters. This help you save money on the cost of heating and cooling thereby saving energy as well. Bavarian shutters in Sydney invariably guarantees around 30% savings on your summer electricity bill. So what you get is a warm house in winter and cool house in summer.

Australian homes are frequently subjected to high winds and storms throughout the year. Offering a physical barrier against driving rain, high winds and any flying debris, Sydney's BAVARIAN roller shutters have proved their efficacy time and again. BAVARIAN aluminum shutters are also rattle-free in the high winds giving your quite ambiance always. They are especially effective against hail, protecting glass from breaking and related accidents, injuries.