Frequently Asked Questions

How are aluminum window shutters operated?

BAVARIAN window shutters Sydney are operated either from inside or outside. For manual window shutters, normally can be operated from inside, or by customers' requests. Commercial, electric or remote control operated shutters can be operated from inside or outside.

Do the shutters come in standard sizes?

No, the best thing with BAVARIAN is that we provide custom made aluminum shutters that fits perfectly to your windows.

How long does it take to manufacture and install window shutters?

Our skilled technicians reach your place, take measurement of windows and provide quote. Once you select the window shutter of your choice, we manufacture it locally and install it within a day. The whole process is normally completed in a week.

What assurance you give for quality?

All our products have been supplied by HEROAL, fully German made and imported. As an optional we can supply MAXIM, Australian made by German standard and license. We provide 10 years warranty on material and 5 years on electric motors.

What installation services you provide?

We install aluminum window shutters to your windows in one day. Our friendly and skilled technicians mount the shutters within the window opening or overlapping the opening depending on the structure of your window frame.

Can I lock the window shutters?

Yes. Bavarian shutters work on self locking system where they are automatically locked when closed. Except if you want to operate them from outside for entering the house,additional locks are not required. Based on your requirements we can install key locks (mechanical or electric ) to shutters for enhancing safety and protection from intruders.